Cards... all drawn with love

I've always loved cards and can spend hours in card shops just looking, admiring, giggling and laughing at what I find. I've also always loved drawing and doodling, it's very relaxing and therapeutic so to put the two together just seemed the right thing to do.  

Our lovely world is so important to me, so my cards are totally recyclable and I have tried not to use plastic if I can, which is why I have used card clasps instead of plastic sleeves and all our cards are printed on paper from responsible sources and can be recycled. 

I have five groups of cards at the moment, but I am always drawing and coming up with new ideas, which will be added in time. I hope you like them.

I love my friends... they are kind, funny, full of joy, caring, thoughtful.... and so lovely - they're annoying - why can't I be like them? 

I have friends that I see once in a blue moon, and you sit down and five years disappears and we're laughing and chatting about things that I'm not going to tell you - far too embarrassing! Friends that I see for tea, and a natter, a dog walk or wonder around not shopping, but a catch-up and lunch, tea and dinner. Or ones that I meet in random places (a bank of grass by the side of the road) because it's the easiest place, it's the perfect place. Primary school friends, Secondary school friends, A level friends, Art college, work, antinatal, my Mums friends, sister (and brothers) friends, family friends... and on and on, each one very special, each one totally lovely and each one makes me smile and laugh... thank you friends!!

Blooming flowers, everyone loves flowers, and when they appear on a card they're twice as good - they last forever (if you don't put them in the 'recycle' box) and they never need water! What more can you ask for? Oh, yes, you could ask for flowers with smiley faces, just to make you smile back, and flowers on cup cakes, in watering cans and more.

Flowers are a wonderful doodle, before you know it you have drawn a bunch, and they just keep growing with dots and bees and leaves and swirls. Doodle away and you can give yourself a bunch of flowers a day and it won't cost you a penny...get doodling and enjoy!

Pete is a dear character that arrived on my drawing board whilst I was doing my ‘A’ levels. I never worked out if he helped or hindered me in my work and private life!  He has a habit of turning up in the most unexpected places, but more often than not on friends Birthday cards.  His wardrobe has never really changed, always a stripy tee shirt, and now he tends to wear jeans, but he has always had a pair of tatty dungarees somewhere in his wardrobe, and more often than not bare feet!  Pete has actually got a sister called Jane, she looks remarkably like Pete, same big smile and bare feet. Who knows Jane may turn up on some cards one day...... watch this space!  I hope you enjoy Pete as much as I do, he just wants to make you smile!

Pete cards are black and white, so you can colour your own card in if you like - or you can suggest that the person you’re sending the card to could colour it in. Good fun and you can get creative! 

I have always drawn monsters - happy monsters with big smiles and big feet.  They have to be colourful and strong, their job is to scare away the nasty ones that live under the bed... the trouble is, who could ever be scared of Eric!... Monsters can do anything too, dance, sing, spin, skate, anything.

You think they are big, but actually they are quite small, (they fit on a card!) but then, if you are small then they can be very big, until you grow up and then you realise that everything shrinks, including monsters!

Squidgy little things that gurgle and squeak, and smell delicious (most of the time!)

Celebrate life with a smile and a BIG hug. Everyone needs a hug. Tiny fingers that hold tight to everything, especially hair, nostrils, lips and ear-rings! And those toes that need to be tickled and counted over and over. Yup, they're still there!  Trouble is, like puppies and kittens they grow up and before you know it they are teenagers... and the last thing you want to do is tickle and count your teenagers toes... you never know where they have been!  

My baby cards are simple, small and celebrate the new, with hugs and kisses and a little twist on how much you'll love, and how much work (washing) there is to do!