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Cards with a smile...

Life has to be fun, it should be interesting, a little bit silly, and at the right times sensible and organised, but never boring. I think the most important thing is you should enjoy yourself and love life. I just want to send a smile, the world is so much better with a smile!  Have you ever noticed that if you smile others smile back and you feel so much better!

There is no rhyme nor reason to many things, including what is going on in my head at times, but when you have an idea sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it should be made, drawn, sewn, painted and enjoyed.  I love what I do - and I hope you enjoy some of what goes on in my head too!.

Cards to make you smile.  All our cards are left blank on the inside for your own personal message.

tea lights

Tea Light Tins

Pretty tea light tins made to light up your garden, terrace or relaxing space... even your bathroom, lovely with scented tea light.

*Free Postage on any four cards or more

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